Clash of Clans Mod Apk – Play with Unlimited Gems

Use this CoC Mod for APK and play with Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir

You can download the Modded CoC APK from over here (instructions are below) :

 Instructions on how to play on this Modded CoC Server :

1. Click on the “Download” button from above to download the APK version (make sure you have the official CoC game installed first)

2. Proceed with verifying that you are not a bot, then finish downloading (this takes 30-60 seconds)

3. After the download finishes, the Clash of Clans Mod will automatically override the official CoC game

4. Simply launch CoC as you would normally do, this time you will play directly on the modded server, with unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir

If you ever want to switch back to the Official CoC Game, simply uninstall the Modded Version and re-install CoC .

You don’t need a Rooted device to play using this Mod

Most CoC Mods require you to root your mobile device in order to play on them . Most people don’t have a rooted device and they don’t know how to do that, this is the reason we went the extra mile and programmed our mod to work on non-rooted devices as well . So, this mod will work for your mobile device regardless of it being rooted or not .

Why play using our CoC Mod ? How is it different ?

If you have played with mods before, you probably know of the many perks you can have for using it . Truth is, if you are playing on the official CoC Server, you will miss out on a loot of stuff . After all , completely maxing out your village costs thousands of dollars, literally . Fortunately for you, there is no reason to be stuck there . Simply transfer to a Clash of Clans Mod and you will experience the game in a completely new way, with max gems, gold and elixir .

Top reasons to play with our Mod

1. It is completely free . You won’t spend anything for this mod, simply download it and start playing right away .

2. Enjoy the game at its maximum potential . Play with unlimited Gold, Gems & Elixir and purchase anything you want in-game. Get all the upgrades, build the best raiding army and make a fortress out of your village .

3, No silly pay-walls . Only the best parts of the CoC game are available in our mod .

4. You can experience competitive play . Being able to build your village the way you’d like to, because of unlimited resources, means that the only way to win is by outsmarting your opponent and by developing the best strategies . Are you up to the task ?

Clash of Clans mod apk

What makes our CoC Mod different to others ?

The mod we created is the first of its kind . It is now one of the most popular mods for CoC, home for both players who want to experience the full game without pay-walls and competitive players who want to be the best . The main reason our mod is different to other mods is the following : We are actually hosting the mod on an online server which we constantly update, this means that multiple players can play on the same mod with unlimited resources . The current maximum capacity for our mod is 100.000 players, this is more than enough for now .

If you are interested in downloading the Clash of Clans Mod Apk version, simply scroll up and read the instructions . If you do everything right, you will be connected to our mod within 5 minutes . If you find any bugs or errors in this mod, please let us know at